MAMMA MIA! Behind The Movie Magic


ABBA The Museum welcomes you to step in behind the scenes of the MAMMA MIA! movies. A temporary exhibition that shows all the hard work and magic of movie making.
MAMMA MIA! Behind The Movie Magic ends on 31 December 2021.

The Bouzouki Cabinet

Here we see the Bouzouki that we’ve borrowed from ABBA’s bassist Rutger Gunnarsson, who also played in the soundtrack for MAMMA MIA! The Movie. Here you also can get a glimpse of Donna and Dynamos microphones.

The Catwalk

Here you can watch the real costumes that were used in the two MAMMA MIA! Movies.

Behind the scenes

Let’s watch interviews and clips from the movies. Most of this material is taken from behind the scenes.
Ingmarie Halling

Our Creative Director and Curator Ingmarie Halling holds a painting that was used in both of the two MAMMA MIA! movies. It was hanging in the church during the wedding scenes.

We asked Ingmarie some questions about the new exhibition.

– Tell us about your relation to the MAMMA MIA! Movies!

Since the movies are based on ABBA’s music, I have a relation to the movies through my work with ABBA, which began in the 70’s. I was invited to the premiere of MAMMA MIA! The Movie at Rival in Stockholm and I loved that movie. It had all the charm and joy that a movie like this should have.

– What’s unique with this exhibition?

This exhibition is the only official in the world in its kind. Sanctioned by copyright owners. It’s unique to show how something really was, just as we always do at ABBA The Museum. We tell you how the films were made and how the recording worked out. Everything from quotes from the film photographers to Lilly James Instagram posts during the recording period.

– Who’s your favorite character in the movies?

I must say Meryl Streep’s character. As an exceptionally skilled actor, she creates a credible person in her role. However, I will always love Colin Firth in every role he takes.

Anna Söderberg

Anna Söderberg is scenographer and set decorator at ABBA The Museum. We asked her some questions about the exhibitions too.

– Tell us about your relation to ABBA!

As a kid I was lip cyncing to ABBA like most of the other children did in my age. I also remember that I used to record ABBA concerts from TV at cassette tapes.

– Have you been involved in any other exhibition at ABBA The Museum?

I’ve been working with ABBA The Museum since it was built in 2013. At first, mostly with the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame, but with the permanent exhibition as well. For example, I built the model for the entire exhibition.

– What is the best thing about working with MAMMA MIA! Behind The Movie Magic?

It’s very fun to create something that is beautiful, sunny and cheerful. I’m always happy to be here.

– What can we expect from the new exhibition?

There will be many costumes that you will recognize from the movies. The exhibition will be perceived as a mix between exhibition and a film studio and we will show our visitors what it looks like and how it is when a movie is being recorded.

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