The working process behind the new exhibition

Hi all! The beautiful guitars that belongs to Claes af Geijerstam in the marvellous little exhibition called Guitars of The Stars is now dismantled and I do hope they will be seen again somewhere. Thank you Claes for this opportunity. Today was the first day of practical work on the new exhibition: MAMMA MIA! Behind The … Continued

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New Exhibition coming spring 2019 So this is it, another exhibition coming your way from our house. Our theme this time is how the movies was made, and of course we mean the Mamma Mia –movies. Absolutely fascinating how the whole lay-up comes as soon as we start talking about it. You all know that … Continued

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We’re updating one of our interactive features – The Photo Session

Dear friends, One of my duty’s here at ABBA The Museum is to come up with new interactives or other installations to renew or just to add something to the story. I can tell you one thing, lack of ideas is not my problem 🙂 The process is, I wake up around 5am with an … Continued

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A new addition to the museum collection suggested by Benny

So, my dear friends, this summer has been nice and hot. Good for those who doesn’t have a farm or woods or big plantations etc. The amount of fires here has been crazy. We are not used to this heat in Sweden, but many has also enjoyed it. At the museum it has been really … Continued

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MAMMA MIA! Here We Go Again!

Finally it’s here! The movie we all (well maybe not all of us…) have been waiting for. A sequel has never been an easy task. Many has failed during the years and some has succeeded. A big bunch of us from the museum teamed up to go and see it on the exclusive VIP premiere … Continued

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Meet our Museum Director Caroline Fagerlind

Hi everyone! Welcome back and thanks for staying with me and my Curators Corner. One day we might even be able to interact on this site. Would be great to hear your views on things and be able to ask questions etc. If you remember I started earlier to talk about key persons in specific … Continued

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Never a dull moment at ABBA The Museum

Our latest and permanent exhibition is up and running. People seems to enjoy it and they are singing, dancing and using all the interactive parts that we offer. For me, work continues after the grand opening of an exhibition. It’s called finetuning… What works and what doesn’t? What need to be changed or maybe even … Continued

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Some Music Never Dies It Multiplies

We passed the finish line with the opening of our new exhibition on May 8th. Our hard work payed off so well. So wonderful to see our guests enjoying themselves, reading, listening, dancing and doing all interactives. It’s truly rewarding and absolutely the reason why at least I do this kind of things. But as … Continued

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The Creative Team

The Creative Team As you all might have seen in the last curators corner, I started presenting the museums line-up for building exhibitions together with me. Next in line is a guy I got to work with back in the mid 1970 at the Swedish Riksteatern. We toured a lot together and became good friends … Continued

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The people I get to work with and what they do

The people I get to work with and what they do Coming down every day to the exhibition-site in the museum is so exiting. Every day the team has built, constructed or painted something new and I am so happy to have the honour of working with these skilled people. Whatever you do you need … Continued

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Welcome to our first Curators Corner

Welcome to our first Curators Corner A big welcome to you who found your way to this little corner of our new website. This is the first Curators Corner where I’ll be writing about new things that is happening in the museum or other places related to us. Also maybe ventilate some issues with you, dear friend … Continued

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