We’re updating one of our interactive features – The Photo Session

Dear friends,

One of my duty’s here at ABBA The Museum is to come up with new interactives or other installations to renew or just to add something to the story. I can tell you one thing, lack of ideas is not my problem 🙂

The process is, I wake up around 5am with an idea in my head, I reach for pen and paper and write the idea down. Then I fall asleep again. This works really well. The tricky part is when I wake up because I have a problem that I can’t solve, then I have to be awake until I have solved it…I often do that fairly quickly and then I fall asleep again.

Enough of my sleeping habits, a new interaction is born in the museum. Well not really new but upgraded. For those of you who knows of our interactives we have a little booth where you can try ABBA costumes virtually. This has now been with our interactive partner Spree for a thorough upgrade. We call it “The Photo Session”. ABBA is one of the most photographed groups in the world and now you get to try how it is to stand there in the photo studio, posing and acting with different outfits and now you can do it as a group of four!

We have now tried it and its really fun. All the body movements work really well and of course you can still download the photos but now the quality is way way better and we hope it’s going to be appreciated by all of you.

Next to be up graded is the helicopter to VR, this will be amazing. More about that later.

All the best,



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