A new addition to the museum collection suggested by Benny

So, my dear friends, this summer has been nice and hot. Good for those who doesn’t have a farm or woods or big plantations etc. The amount of fires here has been crazy. We are not used to this heat in Sweden, but many has also enjoyed it. At the museum it has been really good, so many visitors that saw a chance to dive into the story of ABBA as well as enjoying a cool museum, cool in many ways…

The new exhibition is doing so well, we have had so many positive remarks, yet none negative. But as I wrote earlier, it’s the hard-core fans that will come back with corrections later on, and yes that’s what has happened. I’m so grateful for that. Corrections about quiz-questions, years, mis-spellings etc. I think we have the best proof readers, and so many!

Now we are working hard with donations and purchases of ABBA-memorabilia. Our new member of the museum staff Mimmi Fagerlind is point man(woman) in that work as well as a lot of other tasks as the museums project assistant. Welcome Mimmi!

Last year Benny asked me if the museum were interested in a picture he saw in a gallery-window. It’s a print from the humour magazine MAD. This picture shown here was to celebrate ABBAs 10 years. Good suggestion from Benny, it’s so funny and a good addition to our collection in the museum.

Ok here’s a question for all of you. I was thinking about a temporary exhibition with all of the fan gifts to ABBA. Everything from oil paintings to knitted baby sweaters. What do you think? You can always respond by leaving a comment on our Instagram or Facebook-page.

All for now, stay well and take care.



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