Meet our Museum Director Caroline Fagerlind

Hi everyone!

Welcome back and thanks for staying with me and my Curators Corner. One day we might even be able to interact on this site. Would be great to hear your views on things and be able to ask questions etc.

If you remember I started earlier to talk about key persons in specific projects like our exhibitions here at ABBA The Museum.

I already introduced our lighting designer, set designer and assisting set designer.

Now its time to talk about our former Project Manager (now Museum Director) Caroline Fagerlind. For those of you who knows, she started working with us back in 2010 fresh out of a Business Management School. She asked me if she could do her 5 weeks of practise that’s included in the course. She came on board and she made herself totally irreplaceable from week two. As our assistant, working with the exhibition going to London and Earls Court, she was the best partner ever for me. So when it was time for building ABBA The Museum at Djurgården, where we are now, she had all the knowledge for taking on the role as Project Manager.

Caroline was my perfect assist when we travelled to Frida in her house in Skåne to do the unique interviews for the museum. She were also with me when we made the interviews with Björn, Benny and Agnetha.

Caroline has a positive approach on absolutely everything and the “we can solve that”- attack on every problem. But foremost, the capacity of having all the balls in the air and taking them down when needed. This is what, at least I need from a perfect Project Manager.

Now she has moved on to the role as Museum Director at ABBA The Museum, but that’s another story or should we say close to a fairy tale 🙂

Next Curators Corner will go totally digital. I will tell you all about the guys and girls who develops the interactive parts in our exhibitions.

Until then, step in to comfy shoes and go explore exhibitions!




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