Never a dull moment at ABBA The Museum

Our latest and permanent exhibition is up and running. People seems to enjoy it and they are singing, dancing and using all the interactive parts that we offer.

For me, work continues after the grand opening of an exhibition. It’s called finetuning… What works and what doesn’t? What need to be changed or maybe even taken away?. Do we need more tutorials for the interactives or is it too easy?

How do you know what to do? You have to go on your gut-feeling combined with expertise in the field. But in the end, it’s the visitors who tells you all the answers you need.

The trick in the book is that you walk around in “your” exhibition for at least one hour, look like you are just another visitor, listen to what people say, and do, occasionally you can ask a question or even better, say that you are the curator and that you want the visitor’s opinion on certain things. I promise, you will get all the info you need.

You dear visitor are our experts and we appreciate your comments on Facebook, Instagram or TripAdvisor. So please don’t forget to leave a review after your visit!

Next curators corner will be written from the aft deck of the sailing boat, see you then!

Have a great summer all!



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Opening hours:

1 JUN – 31 AUG
Everyday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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