Some Music Never Dies It Multiplies

We passed the finish line with the opening of our new exhibition on May 8th. Our hard work payed off so well. So wonderful to see our guests enjoying themselves, reading, listening, dancing and doing all interactives. It’s truly rewarding and absolutely the reason why at least I do this kind of things.

But as you know, “no man (woman) is an island…”, you always need a skilled team to work with. I’ve been presenting the team members and time has now come to Mr Bengt Fröderberg – the Grandmaster of Set Design.

We have done four exhibitions together and we are now starting on number five. We have a special way to work together; I have ideas about what, why and how. He comes up with construction and design. This is the easy way of explaining it but then you have all these small talks, brainstorming – where one idea gives another. A very organic way to work. Not always easy when it comes to creative minds…sometimes it burns and sometimes its mad laughters. But the result is always grand. Bengt works a lot with film and theatres and he is currently working with the set design for Mamma Mia! The Party coming up in London.

The same weekend as the opening we also had The International ABBA Day (Fan Weekend) here at the museum. A great success! Fans were happy and they really liked the sneak peak they had in the new exhibition. I got a lot of great feedback regarding bits and pieces. An exhibition will never be completely finished. You can always tweak, change and improve everything according to the feedback we get.

The gala-opening was a blast, we had a line-up of artists that was spectacular. Parts of Benny Andersson Orchestra including maestro himself at accordion was playing, Helen Sjöholm and Sofia Pekkari was singing, Nanne and Peter Grönwall played and sang with their sons. The fantastic singer Philip Jalmelid sang a song from Chess. For the finale we saw Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia the musical. Oh what a night! Humble and tired I went to bed extremely late and so happy.

I also want to give a big thank you to museum director Caroline Fagerlind for such brilliant hard work, the whole staff at marketing and the creative team. Everyone at Pop House for making the weekend such a success.

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