The Creative Team

The Creative Team

As you all might have seen in the last curators corner, I started presenting the museums line-up for building exhibitions together with me. Next in line is a guy I got to work with back in the mid 1970 at the Swedish Riksteatern. We toured a lot together and became good friends and still are. Gunnar Björs is a brilliant lighting designer in his low-key way to work. When you build an exhibition, or designing a stage set etc, the magic thing happens when the lighting designers do their thing. The lighting work comes in quite late in the process to be able to properly see what’s going to be lit, how and why. Every time this happens I’m like a child on Christmas eve. Suddenly everything comes to life and you see it all like it should be seen.

One more feature working with Gunnar is something quite unusual. Besides the lighting work he always, in his low-key way, comes up with improvements, small ideas with big effects or just helping me to rethink something that has gone in the wrong direction. A situation that everyone ends up in sooner or later when working with something creative like this. And I am so grateful for these inputs. Basically, I believe everyone should have a Gunnar.

The Grandmaster of Set design is next to be presented.

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