The people I get to work with and what they do

The people I get to work with and what they do

Coming down every day to the exhibition-site in the museum is so exiting. Every day the team has built, constructed or painted something new and I am so happy to have the honour of working with these skilled people.

Whatever you do you need the craftsmen and women that makes it all happen. People making your costume, a designer that does your light, the set designer making it look as it should, sound design to make you sound good. Someone to make a wig or your hair and make-up, props, gaffers, grips, production managers, carpenters and so on. It’s all a joint venture. Next time you see an exhibition, theatre, musical, movie or concert please check the program or end credits and you’ll see all the different professions that have contributed to the result. I have just mentioned a few here but I think you know what I mean. So, in my Curators Corner going forward I will mention some of the people I work with and tell you a bit about what they do, because I can assure you that all the credit I get from doing exhibitions is definitely to be shared with these people.

Today I met up with my “wing woman” Anna Söderberg in the building site to look at some issues to be decided. This is our fourth exhibition together and I just love to work with her. Anna is responsible for the set design on site on a daily basis. She works close together with Bengt Fröderberg who is the set designer. She is there all the time and sees things and in a low-key way she suggests different solutions, she is a great listener and always a smiling face. To have someone that you are absolutely safe with is a blessing in this shaky world of entertainment. Now we are getting closer to the phase we are both longing for… when we can start filling the exhibition with the “meat on the bones”. Movie clips, props, original items, photos, textiles costumes etc. It’s so fun and especially when you think so much alike as we do. Rewarding is what it is J.

I have written about this in my book, ABBA The Backstage Stories, as well. Thinking about these guys and girls I was working with back in the days when I was fairly new to all this. So much I learned just by seeing and listening to them, on tour or at the film set or the theatre stage. I have a little fear that this way of working is disappearing slowly but surely. It feels like young people should have the experience of a 40-year-old, but they are in fact 25. Walk alongside with the skilled people that can pass along experiences and tricks of the trade is the best way to learn after leaving the vocational training school.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my everyday life and that you will come back next time.

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