Welcome to our first Curators Corner

Welcome to our first Curators Corner

A big welcome to you who found your way to this little corner of our new website. This is the first Curators Corner where I’ll be writing about new things that is happening in the museum or other places related to us. Also maybe ventilate some issues with you, dear friend of ABBA The Museum, ask for advice, answer questions etc.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you during those years since I started back in 2008. Here in Stockholm, but also in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Prague and Budapest. Fun meetings where I have learned so much just by talking to you whether you are a die hard fan, medium fan or just a happy visitor. Thanks for that!

This year in May the museum will celebrate 5 years here at Royal Djurgården. It has been very exiting years and so much we have learned and so much we have in front of us. For those of you who visited us when we set up the ABBAWORLD exhibition at Earls Court in London 2010 knows that a lot is still the same in the museum but so much has also changed.

Since we started 2013 we have had around 1.5 million visitors, more than 70% of them comes from abroad. This makes me and all of us so happy. It means that we are doing it right. And yes, you can definitely say that people would come anyway because it’s a museum about ABBA but I believe that we have done it in such a way that people wants to come back. You can’t see and do all at one visit can you? Also the fact that we change, build new or plan ahead for new interactions seems to attract visitors a second and a third time.

Swedish Music Hall of Fame, that we shared space with from opening, moved to a new place last year because they needed more space, as did we. A happy divorce, if there is one!

So, now we have more space and we really have been listening to what our visitors wants to see in the museum in the future. So in May we will open a new permanent exhibition based on what visitors has been asking us to show. We are quite exited about this. Björn and set designer Bengt, his sidekick Anna has been amazing collaborators in creating this exhibition and I also have the best guest curator…guess who?

But first in line is our new temporary exhibition Guitars Of The Stars. ABBAs long time friend and sound engineer on the tours Claes “Clabbe” af Geijerstam is a true collector of exquisite signature guitars since many years. I asked Claes last spring if we could do a little exhibition with them and he was happy to do this. Claes is also guest curator here to assist me in the planning of the layout. We also have some tips and tricks of the trade from the experts at Guitars The Museum in Umeå. January 25th is the opening of  this temporary exhibition and I hope that you can come, sooner or later. But don’t forget to put May in your calendar. The five-year jubilee of ABBA The Museum and the opening of our big new permanent exhibition.

Last but not least, the museums new director after me is my best sidekick ever, Caroline Fagerlind. She is doing the job so very good and we are all happy to have her behind the wheel!

All for now my friends, stay tuned and take care.

Best regards,
Ingmarie, Creative Director and Curator at ABBA The Museum


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